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Professional Organic Spray Tanning
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It's important that you prepare your skin for the spray tan, this will ensure a more flawless application and will help the tan fade evenly. With proper prep and care your Airbrush Spray Tan should last at least 7-10 days! Before your spray tan we recommend:

-Shower with a basic soap or even shampoo to remove any oils from your skin
(do not use a moisturizing soap as this can create a barrier on your skin)

-Exfoliate as much as possible leading up to the day of your Spray Tan

-Rinse really well before you finish in the shower

-Wax/Shave at least 8 hours before your appointment

-DO NOT apply moisturizers, makeup, perfume or oil based products to your skin on the day of your treatment. If you need to wear deodorant please only apply in the morning, not right before your Spray Tan session

-Wear dark loose clothing after your Spray Tan


Just as important as the pre-tan is the after-tan, this will help you get the most out of your tan.
After your tanning session we recommend:

First 12 Hours:

-Do not shower until 8-12 hours after application, unless otherwise advised

-Avoid water on the skin while tan develops 

-Try not to touch your skin while tan develops to avoid blemishes

-Avoid heavy exercise or any perspiration during development

-Sleep in a long shirt and pants if you can on the first night, this will prevent you from touching
yourself while you sleep (even if you do the rapid tan and have already rinsed)

-The bronzer will rinse off during your first shower, it can take 12 hours for the tan to fully develop so give it time! 

-It is best to wait 24 hours after your appointment before shaving your legs


-Avoid long hot showers or soaking in a bathtub

-Pat dry with a towel after showering

-Moisturize daily to maximize the duration of your tan

-DO NOT exfoliate until your tan starts to fade

-Avoid swimming pool water and salt water. This can strip your tan