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13 Benefits of Sunless Tanning

  1. No harmful UV damage or sun spots
  2. Spray tanning will not cause premature aging or wrinkles
  3. No sun/UV burning of the skin
  4. Faster tan results than the sun/uv rays will give you
  5. You get an instant bronze color from the bronzer makeup in the solution
  6. You get a customized color based on your skin tone
  7. Spray tanning will make you look and feel slimmer, healthier and younger!
  8. Makes your smile brighter and look whiter
  9. Adds a brightness to your eyes
  10. Depending on what you decide to wear when being sprayed, you can have no tan lines and you can also blend in any current tan lines you may have
  11. Spray tanning moisturizes your skin unlike the drying out effects that sun/uv rays have on your skin
  12. Spray tanning can cover up or blend in any flaws of the skin such as blemishes, uneven skin tones and varicose veins are just some examples.
  13. Spray tanning is good for anyone on the go! If you have a busy schedule spray tanning is a good option for you because you only have to tan once to twice a week for 20 minutes vs the sun/uv tanning you have to tan at least every other day and for anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes